Rosso di Montalcino
DOC 2006 Vintage

History: Sangiovese variety has been introduced to Montalcino in 1888. Sangiovese “grosso” gave origin to Brunello di Montalcino.

Production area: the vineyards are situated in hillside areas at the altitude between 250 – 350 m over the sea level. The ground is of medium texture, rocky, with variable percentage of tufa and clay.

Grape variety : 100 % Sangiovese "grosso"

Winemakers remarks:the 2006 year climate was characterized by high temperatures during the day and it marked the harvest time. The climate during harvest contributed to excellent sugar accumulation in the grapes while a strong drop of temperature during October especially in the night when the temperature drops down to 10°C, promotes the building of aromatic substances and the grapes showed their excellent potential. The temperature has never exceeded the danger level. The vintage started in the last September decade and lasted until the beginning of October. The grapes were harvested and processed by hand in order to avoid their damage and they were macerated in small stainless steel tank for 6/8 days at 22/25 °C. At the end of fermentation the wine was transferred into stainless steel tanks where, with addition of selected bacteria and under controlled temperature, the malolactic fermentation came to its end. The wine remains in temperature controlled tanks until March following the vintage.

Avalaible quantity: 100.000 bottles 0,75 cl

Remarks: EXCELLENT vintage.


Winemaker notes
Sensorial notes
Color: Rendola 2006 is jammy, with slightly stewed fruit, but also lots of berry character.
Aroma: Full, chewy and rich follow through to a full body.
Taste: Well-integrated tannins.
Preservations: this wine reaches the first maturity after 1 year from the vintage; its best maturity period is from 2nd to 4th year. Bottles to be always stored in a dark room at the temperature from 13 to 15 °C.
Food matches: grilled meat, risotto and pasta, aged cheese and cold cuts