Morellino di Scansano
DOC 2004 Vintage

Production area: the vineyards are situated on mild hills at the altitude from 300 to 600 m over the sea level. The ground is of sandy texture, rich of mud and rocks.

Grape variety : 87% Sangiovese and 13% Syrah

Winemakers remarks: the 2004 year climate was characterized by constant and persistent rains, mild temperatures and strong thermic differences between night and day. The vintage of Sangiovese started in the third September decade and finished beginning of October with Syrah. The varieties have been processed separately in order to maintain their particular characteristics. The grapes have been harvested and processed by hand in order to avoid their damage. Still entire grapes have been macerating in steel containers for 6/8 days together with the fermenting must at 26/28 C; at the end of the alcoholic fermentation the wine has been transferred into steel tanks where, with addition of selected bacteria and under controlled temperature, the malolactic fermentation came to its end. The wine remains in temperature controlled tanks until march following the vintage .

Avalaible quantity: 40.000 bottles 0,75 cl.

Remarks: FAIR vintage.


Winemaker notes
Sensorial notes
Color: Rendola 2004 Morellino di Scansano is of intensive ruby red color with violet notes.
Aroma: Harmonious wine presenting red fruit and cherry notes.
Taste: Supple and balanced taste with a pleasant and fine fruit back-taste.
Preservation: this wine gives positive impression to the consumer from the very beginning. To be served at 18°C into large glasses directly from the bottle. Bottles to be always stored in a dark room at the temperature from 13 to 15°C.
Food matches: pasta, white meat, soft cheese, vegetable soups.