RENDOLA is a young company born in 2005 in base of an agreement between several Montalcino area wine producers.
In the glutted market of today, overwhelmed with any kind of offer, it is an almost impossible or quite difficult bet to start a new business activity in the wine industry. That is why the main aim of our company is to guarantee to the customers an excellent ratio “quality/price”. We are convinced that to reach success it is necessary to develop innovative products addressed to all kinds of consumers.
Our technicians and collaborators are highly skilled with a decennial experience on the Montalcino territory. In this way we are able to maintain the wine styles in full respect of their production and preservation tradition.
We follow step by step all the processing stadiums starting from grapes up to the “finished” wine and can guarantee a complete traceability of our products. We have developed a system inside of our web site area enabling the consumer, thanks to a batch number, to trace the internal analysis of a certain product and all the other annexed information.
Our products are offered to fond of “made in Italy” wine consumers, wine shops, restaurants or distributors that can find in us a reliable supplier ready to transmit our creed. .