Brunello di Montalcino DOCG
2002 Vintage

History: Sangiovese variety has been introduced to Montalcino in 1888. Sangiovese “grosso” gave origin to Brunello di Montalcino.

Production area: the vineyards are situated in hillside areas at the altitude between 130 – 550 m over the sea level.
The ground is of medium texture, rocky, with variable percentage of tufa and clay. Good water retention and strong temperature difference between night and day (up to 25°C).

Grape variety: 100 % Sangiovese “grosso”.

Winemakers remarks: the 2002 climate was characterized by abundant and persistent rain falls and mild temperatures that consequently caused a difficult maturation (excluded south Montalcino).The wine is very fruity, without an important structure and tannins. Nevertheless maintains its peculiarity.
The vintage started in the second September decade. The grapes have been harvested and processed by hand in order to avoid their damage. Still entire grapes have been macerating in steel containers for 14 days together with the fermenting must at 26/30 °C; at the end of the alcoholic fermentation the wine has been transfered into steel tanks where, with addition of selected bacteria and under controlled temperature, the malolactic fermentation came to its end. After 2 years of aging in barriques, the wine has been transferred into stainless steel tanks expecting the bottling. Further 4 months in the bottles and Brunello di Montalcino is ready for retail sale.

Available quantity: 400.000 bottles 0,75 cl.

Remarks: FAIR vintage.

Notes: this wine will be on retail market from February 28, 07.


Winemaker notes
Sensorial notes
Color: Rendola 2002 Brunello di Montalcino has a medium intensity red colour.
Aroma: Cherry aroma with vanilla back taste.
Taste: Dry taste and an excellent balance among acidity and tannins.
Preservation: this wine reachs the first maturity only after 5 years from the vintage; peak drinking time - 6th to 15th year. Bottles to be always stored in a dark room at the temperature from 10 to 18°C.
Food matches: red meat, aged cheese, spicy meals.